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I was raised in an orphanage and my mother left me half a locket. Oh, wait. No. That was Annie.

I write so I don’t talk to myself. As much.

I’m Jena. Like Jameson. But only one n. My parents spelled it wrong. They couldn’t help it. They grew up in Brooklyn.

I was born and raised in New York City where I still reside with my son. I can play guitar like a rockstar and I am a die hard Knicks fan. Even when they suck. I go to way more concerts than you do. It’s almost a disorder. My socks don’t often match. In sixth grade I won an award for writing excellence, which of course means nothing now. I graduated with a BA in Journalism from NYU. I learned about comedy by practicing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and being raised by an incredibly loving yet dysfunctional family.

I have written for magazines, newspapers, websites, and my own blog under a pen name “Darcy” for years. It’s now locked. I have performed at Caroline’s, Gotham, The Stand and others. I recently made my television debut doing “Live From Gotham.”

My comedy is dedicated to my father. One of the funniest men I knew. Who told me I was funny. Really funny.








  1. You are my dream girl.

  2. Great stuff Jena


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