Are You On The List? Starbucks Prank

You know what’s annoying? Bouncers who won’t let you in if you are not on the list. You know what else is annoying? Not being able to get your morning coffee. Find out what happens when I combine the two and prank unsuspecting customers and managers alike!

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  1. Claire Rose says:

    I think it’s hilarious! It’s lucky you are so pretty or some caffeine crazed New Yorker may have punched your lights out!!!

  2. Oh my gosh why are you so hilarious. This is so funny. Comedienne of the month. Year. even better that it was Starbucks. ahhhhh so funny

  3. John Berggren says:

    Awesome, and hilarious!

  4. Darcy's mom says:

    You are really really funny
    I love your pranks and I Love you too
    I’m a BIG FAN

  5. Reblogged this on tbh and commented:
    Happy April Fool’s s Day! This is hilarious.

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